A Bedtime Story


We’re at dinner, at that little Italian place I told you about. The waiter brings us a bottle of cabernet from the Anderson Valley, a favorite location of mine. We toast to a fantastic day together walking along the pier, taking a winding motorcycle ride along the coast. We laugh about the message I wrote you in the sand and the things you whispered with our heads close together as we walked. You cross your legs, and I arch my eyebrow as your skirt hikes up your thighs, revealing the thigh-high stockings you promised to wear when we got home and changed for dinner. I put my palm on your lower thigh, and you smile and trace your fingers over the back of my hand. I reach into my pocket and hand you something under the table. It’s smooth, oblong, and blue. You look up at me, about to raise this little object up to examine it, and I gently press your hand back down and smile, shaking my head and showing you the remote in my other hand. I press a button and you feel the little bullet start to vibrate just a bit in your hand. I see your eyes light up with that spark of hungry desire I adore, and I jerk my chin toward the restrooms. You kiss me soft and brief, just grazing your lips against mine.  As you’re walking away, you throw a smoldering glance over your shoulder, knowing that I’m enjoying watching your ass and legs as you walk away.

I wait, drinking some wine and trying not to fidget as a ball of warmth starts to form somewhere south of my stomach. You walk out of the ladies’ room and the manager crosses your path, so you stop and chat a moment. You’re gesturing at the décor, asking some obscure question as usual, and the manager seems excited to finally have someone notice the sconces or whatever those things are. Never one to miss a golden opportunity when I see one, I tap the remote with my finger and barely a half second passes before your face registers the vibration in your pussy and the shock makes you drop your purse.

The manager quickly bends to retrieve your purse and you look to me with an expression that conveys, “How dare you!” and “Give me more” at the same time. But as you’re staring at me, I’m watching the manager appreciate your red heels and your gorgeous legs as he stands back up to hand you your purse. You thank him, and I watch him tell your tits to have a nice dinner as you turn to walk back to me. This will be fun.

You slide back into the booth next to me, closer than before, and I rest my hand on your thigh, a little higher than I should, my palm flat and my fingertips a little further inward than you expect, and you look at me with hunger in your eyes. It’s that “fuck me” look you’ve given me so many times through a screen but that I get to see in person every day now and already know like the back of my hand. I turn up the vibrations on the bullet and watch you bite your lower lip. I think about having that gorgeous red lipstick smeared all over my cock and feel my pants get even tighter. You see the change in my face and take the advantage, running your tongue subtly along the bottom edge of your top teeth, parting your lips with your tongue, sucking in water seductively through a straw. You challenge me with a look, crossing your legs away from me a bit, teasingly out of reach. I see your eyes flick down to my crotch and register how hard I am; you smirk. I turn up the bullet’s vibrations with the remote, and your smirk vanishes immediately. I say, “One point to Northman.”

We tease and play and flirt our way through dinner, you getting increasingly fidgety and me trying to control my hard-on enough to walk out to the car. We’re both enjoying tormenting the other to the point that, by the time I pay the check, we can’t get to the car fast enough. The drive home is short, but you still manage to get in your fair share of torture in the car, propping your right leg up on the dash in your red heels, running your fingertips up the inside of your leg until they disappear and you let your head fall back as you massage your clit and moan softly while I drive. We pull into the driveway and you look over at me and murmur, “I’d say it’s a tie at this point.”

We scamper in the door like trysting teenagers and, grabbing your arm, I quickly spin and press you up against the closed front door, the swollen bulge in my pants pressing into you through the thin fabric of your skirt. I can feel the vibrations of the bullet against my cock and I’m suddenly rock-hard. I reach down to your knee, run my fingertips up to the lace edge of your panties, and slip the bullet out so I can tease your clit with my fingers. I watch your head fall back and kiss your exposed neck.

I run my free hand down the back of your thigh and pull you toward me so you hook your leg around my hip. Your lips are on my neck, your teeth grazing my vagus nerve, making my cock strain against my pants as I explore your body with my hands. I feel your nails pressing into my back and your tongue on my shoulder as I slide my hands under your gorgeous ass, lifting you so you can wrap your legs around me. We rock together, kissing and gasping into each other’s mouths as I press my straining cock insistently against your wet pussy.

Time stretches and distorts, and I don’t know how long we stay there, a tangle of limbs and tongues and sweat against the door, but at some point, we’re on the floor and then on the stairs and then in the bedroom, a trail of your clothing marking our passage. We are standing at the edge of the bed, still unmade from our early morning sleepy sex, and I place the flat of my right palm between your breasts and push you back onto the bed. I slide to my knees and pull you to the edge of the bed, pushing your legs wide. Cupping my hand behind your neck, I pull you up so you’re leaning back on your hands and can watch my face as I bury it between your legs, fucking your wet pussy with my darting tongue. My cock is so hard, the taste and aroma of your sweet, wet pussy fills my head, and I’m throbbing for you.

I slowly push two fingers in and out of you as my tongue swirls in light, slow circles around your clit. I push deeper with my fingers, curling my fingertips upward as I pull out so I can stroke your g-spot. I suck your clit gently as I do this, and then draw back, licking my lips with a wicked grin, and with my left hand I release my belt and unzip my pants.

My right middle finger traces circles around your clit and then suddenly, without warning, I plunge two fingers into you, pressing them back and up. Your whole body lifts off the bed, pressing down into my hand. I press my palm into your clit, fucking you deep and fast, my other hand stroking my aching cock. I press deep and hold there, and you take over, bucking against my hand, my fingers pressed deep into you, fingertips moving in slow circles around your g-spot.

Your head falls back, your eyelids flutter, your breath coming in little gasps, incoherent syllables falling from your lips. All thought, all focus is on the burning, rising flame in your loins, with me at the heart of the flame. I draw back, wet another finger with my mouth, and slide my fingers back in, resuming their deep, pulsating push against your g-spot. You somehow manage to gasp for another finger, for me to fill you completely, to fuck you so deep, and I happily oblige you, wetting my pinky and then slowly sliding it into your tight pussy along with the rest.

I release my hand from my cock, two fingertips slick with precum. I rise to a crouch, never stopping my hand’s insistent press against your g-spot, fingers churning in slow circles around it. A wicked smile again dances its way across my face as I press my free fingers against your lips, and your tongue darts out to taste my essence on my fingertips, mixed with your own. You groan and press your body harder down against my right hand, my fingers buried up to the palm inside you, your tongue working over my left hand, your teeth grazing my fingertips.

“Are you ready to take my hand?” I ask. You nod rapidly, gasping for breath. With agonizingly slow movements, I draw my hand out of you, eliciting a plaintive gasp from your lips. “Shhh,” I whisper, and you quiet immediately. I bring my thumb to your lips, the only digit I’ve not yet fucked you with, and whisper, “Get it wet for me.” You tease my thumb with the tip of your tongue, a defiant and naughty look in your eyes. “Be good … suck it now,” I say. With an apologetic little whimper you obediently suck it deep into your hot, waiting mouth, moving your head forward to take it all in. My cock jumps, imagining your lips around the base of my cock, but I am patient and will forgo the pleasures of your lovely lips a little longer.

I pull my thumb away and you smirk at me, lust filling your eyes like a runaway brush fire. I lean in close and your lips part as I kiss you, your mouth tasting your own sweet essence on my tongue as I sloooowly slip four fingers into you. I rub your clit with my thumb and you moan into my mouth, gasping for breath all over again. I draw back from your mouth, and with your eyes closed you whisper in a gasp, “Give it to me, the whole thing. I can’t take it anymore, I want you to fist fuck me.” I draw back my hand, and tucking my thumb into my palm, I slowly work my whole hand inside you, our eyes widening in pleasure and amazement.

With a long drawn out “Yesssssss,” I feel your body shudder around my hand and a huge grin expands to fill my entire face. Your body shudders again as I experimentally open my fingers and stroke the entire front of your pussy with the tips of my fingers. A low, guttural growl escapes from my throat and my cock is hard enough to knock down a brick wall as I begin fist fucking your pussy, slowly at first, gradually faster and harder, guided by your barely coherent cries for more, faster, harder. I dip my head from watching your beautiful face, contorted from the throes of pleasure you are in, and descend on your clit like a falcon onto a dove, with no warning. Your back arches, every muscle in your body clenches and you crush my head with your thighs as the long cresting wave of orgasm crashes over you, rips through your body, and escapes from between your lips with a ululating cry. I release your clit, inhaling the heady intoxicating perfume of your essence, and it is at least a minute before your body begins relaxing enough to let go of my hand.

I rise on unsteady feet, and to my great surprise, you slide off the bed and down to your knees in front of me almost immediately, a face-splitting grin on your own face. You look up at me under lowered lids, your eyes burning coals now. Still smiling and without a word, you take my cock in your left hand and press it up against my body as your tongue and lips beginning working it, sucking and licking it from base up to the glans, pausing to pay special attention under the head of the glans. I growl again, deeper, longer and more urgent while my hand finds the back of your head. Obliging, you let my cock fall and with one swift movement you plunge it deep into your throat. Your hands move to my ass cheeks, encouraging me deeper. Your eyes lock with mine, smiling at me. I feel you swallow once, twice, three times and your cheeks cave in as you suck and swallow. I can take no more and, with a wolf-like howl escaping my lips, my back arches and I explode. It goes on and on but you never miss a beat, swallowing and sucking me, your breath coming heavy through your nose, blasting hot air against the delicate skin around my cock, and I feel secondary shuddering waves of orgasm coursing through me, obliterating all remaining shreds of thought. I gaze down in wonder and awe and all I can see is your eyes, filled with laughter and joy, smiling up at me as I cum a river down your throat. After nearly two minutes, as the stars recede from the corners of my vision, you let me slip out of your mouth. Your eyes have never left mine and a crooked grin crosses your face now as you first lick your lips and then kiss the head of my cock, eliciting a sharp exhale from me.

You rise lithely to your feet, spin me and perform the same flat-handed push I used on you earlier, landing me on my back near the middle of the bed. Crouching, you crawl up and over me, your legs straddling my hips until you are astride me. My cock, still half hard, starts to stiffen again as you press your pussy against the underside of the shaft, trapping it against my belly. You are wet as a river and hot as the sun, and I marvel at how you are always hot, always wet, and always ready for me. I say a silent thanks to the universe as I draw your face down to mine and kiss you, our tongues and lips tangling in a smiling, joyous, post 1st round kiss. As you finally draw back up to a sitting position you glance down and wriggle your hips in a little shimmy, exclaiming, “Is that for me?” as my cock regains its full length yet again under your carefully calculated ministrations. A smirk and a low chuckle from me, and you lean forward to smother me with your breasts while a giggle escapes your own lips. I inhale deep, smelling your skin, your perfume and your sweat, and I’m again rock-hard, much to your delight. A low purr thrums in your throat as I press your breasts together with my hands and alternate kissing, licking, and grazing my teeth against them, paying special attention to your nipples. Involuntarily you press your pelvis down against me, and your hips begin a lazy circling motion, grinding your clit against the head of my now throbbing cock. “I want to ride you,” you groan, and I reply by pushing you up.

You rise even further until you are standing. With a deft little spin, you are now straddling my hips again but facing away from me. Slowly, teasingly, you shimmy and gyrate, rolling your hips around as you slowly lower yourself. Taking your cue, I hold my cock up at attention, saluting your beautiful ass and legs. You gasp as the head of my cock parts your pussy lips but you drop no lower, just fucking the head. For almost a minute you fuck only the head, alternating short strokes with a pelvic roll that threatens to blow BOTH my heads clean off. When you can take no more, you plunge down onto me, a hiss escaping through your teeth as you do. We sit for several minutes this way, rocking gently against one another while softly moaning and relishing the waves of pleasure emanating from our shared core. My hands find your hips and I lift you slightly off of me. You lean back, your hands on the bed on either side of me, your feet spread wide to help support a position hovering over me. I guide you back down on me and you begin to ride me in long, slow, hip-rolling stokes. You are almost delirious after a while, and I’m nigh on to bursting, but a notion is stirring in me, and I know I must have you from behind.

I pull you down on top of me with a quick yank and you laugh with me as I bury my face in your neck, letting my teeth graze your vagus nerve and enjoying the shiver it sends through your body, all the way back through your pussy and around my cock. I roll you over, coming up to a kneeling position myself, my cock never leaving your grasping, wet pussy. I rake my fingers up your spine, twine them in your hair, and pull you up so your torso is pressed against mine, your head tilted away from me so I can suck on your neck. I snake my other hand around you, sliding it around and down your hip, over your pubic bone. I spread your labia wide as I whisper in your ear, “I’m gonna fuck you from behind. Are you ready to cum for me again?” A low groan of pleasure from you and then, “Oh yes… please… fuck me so hard, make me cum, make me cum for you.”

I chuckle, low in my throat, and push you forward onto your hands. Holding your hips, I drive into you, slowly at first, but every so often I increase the pace and the depth until our hips are slamming together, our flesh slapping loudly as we meet with each stroke. In between gasps for breath, I pant, “Rub your clit, and cum for me. Come for me now. I want to cum with you.” Your hand finds your clit and you shudder, hard. Soon you have been reduced to “fuck” and “oh god,” and I’m not even uttering words anymore, just a guttural, incoherent stream of sound. Your fingers frantically rub your clit and I pound against you like the surf on the shore, but I manage to roar, “I’m cumminggggggg” as the first wave of cannons go off in my whole lower body, and I explode inside you. I feel you stiffen against me, your own voice rising in a screaming crescendo of orgasm-induced shrieks before you collapse forward, exhausted. Not two seconds later, I collapse forward as well.

Five minutes pass before our breathing slows to a normal pace and our eyes open. A wide smile splits both of our faces nearly in tandem, and I pull you close so I can kiss your lips. You snuggle into the hollow of my neck with a contented sigh, and I wrap my arms around you. Within minutes, your breathing begins to slow, but I do not notice, as I am nearly asleep myself. You snuggle closer in, and even nearly asleep, I wrap my arms tighter around you, and a smile dances across my lips one last time before the sandman takes me away. Good night, my sweet. May you have sweet dreams.

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