The Pink Moustachery is Open For Business!


Gooooooood morning, web dwellers! By insanely, incredible, inconceivably popular demand, I bring you (da da da daaaaaaaa) The Pink Moustachery! Yes, it’s your home for every possible piece of Sexy Mom merchandise you absolutely positively do not in any way need but still really, really want to buy because it’s just so freakin’ awesome. How awesome, you ask? Here’s a little peek…

Oh yeah. You need to see this every time you pass the fridge. Yum!!

Having your girlfriends over for a True Blood marathon? Remember to take a shot every time Bill says, "Soookeeeehhhhh," and every time Sookie says, "Well..."

Did your girlfriend win The Pink Moustache Award? Did you? Order a few and send them to your friends who win, and keep one for yourself because you're awesome. 🙂 Rock on, web dwellers!!

This makes me laugh every damn time I look at it. I need this one.

Remember: Every dollar you spent is about 3 cents I can save toward my visit with Northman. Kidding. It’s 10 cents. So stock up on the products above and check out the rest of this awesomeness at The Pink Moustachery on CafePress!! Also, remember to send in your ideas for new products! I’ll do my best to make them for you! 


P.S. There’s a permanent link to the store right over there —-> 

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