The Monthly Wrap Up And Some Random Crap


Greetings, web dwellers! Well, we’ve been together for three months now, and I’ve managed to somehow get people to click on the site over 4,000 times, so I guess the blog doesn’t completely suck, and I’ll stick with it another month. After all, this month we instituted the Pink Moustache Award, and who doesn’t want more of THAT awesomeness?

So, what did I get you on this momentous occasion? Well, I thought today you might like a little sneak peek into the inner workings of Confessions of A Sexy Mom. So, for your viewing (dis)pleasure, here’s a little snapshot of the shit I see every day but you usually don’t: My site stats. More specifically, this is a list of search terms people have used that have landed them here on the Sexy Mom blog. As you would expect, it’s fairly fucked up.

What. The... What??!?

*For those of you wearing reading glasses that still aren’t cutting it, click the image. It’ll open in a second window. Click that, and it should enlarge. If only all things enlarged with a few clicks. *Sigh*


Believe it or not, that list goes on for another half a page but it got boring so I cropped it. If I learned anything from this little stat-reviewing experiment, it’s this: Most people who get here via web search get here basically by accident. Which is pretty much how I ended up here. So I guess it makes sense. How did you find the blog?

Thanks for a great month! Please make sure you’re following the blog on Facebook and/or Twitter by clicking the links to the right! 🙂



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